How did it all begin?

Spencer Strainers have been around for over 25 years. Glenn Spencer invented and patented the Spencer Strainer while developing it with Colgate. The goal was to filter toothpaste. The equipment was successful and it quickly became apparent that his unique design would work well in a multitude of different industries, including paint, food, chemical, beverage, pharmaceuticals, waste water and waste oils.

Today the Spencer Strainer is sold world wide with a customer base that includes:

        - Proctor & Gamble
        - Sherwin Williams
        - PPG
        - General Mills
         - Smuckers
        - AOM
        - Frito Lay
        - ADM
        - EJ Gallo Winery

The Spencer Strainer continues to evolve and be improved due to the quality, dedication to excellence and innovation that Glenn Spencer and his staff still exhibit today. That's what makes the Spencer Strainer System the success it is today. Confirmation of this success included the Indiana Environmental Excellence Award and a nomination for the Frito Lay Innovation of the Year for 2010.

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