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Spencer Strainer Green Filtration Method

Spencer Strainer Systems manufactures a permanent, self-cleaning strainer.

It uses permanent screens, eliminating disposable filters. The filtration process is continuous, eliminating the downtime necessary to change throw-away filters.This saves not only the filter costs, but the loss of valuable product experienced with throw-away filters, as much as 5 gallons at a time.
Labor is also reduced.

The Spencer Strainer is sealed, so product doesn’t escape into the atmosphere.

This is an obvious benefit when handling VOC's, solvents, chemicals, and other products that must be contained. The strainers are all stainless-steel with enclosed motors, and can be washed down with water instead of using harsh chemicals. This also lowers costs and improves the production environment.

Spencer Strainer Systems is a winner of the Indiana Chamber Environmental Excellence Award.

Would you like to escape the material, labor, and environmental costs of disposable filtration methods? Let us recommend a greener, more economical solution for your filtration applications.

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